How To Install A Print Driver

To find the correct print driver for your system, please look on the front cover of your copier or near the operation panel for the correct model number.

Once you have found your model number, open a web browser on your computer (Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer….) and navigate to

At the homepage, look on the navigation bar at the top of the screen and click Customer Center

Once on the customer center page, click on the Machine Drivers icon.

This will open up the Kyocera driver’s data base where you can find all of the print drivers for Kyocera related products.


Choose the option that fits the machine you are looking for

Once you have selected your category and model number

Under sub-category, select print drivers.


Then choose the driver that matches the operating system and version that you are using.

This will prompt a file download.

After the file is downloaded.

Click on show in folder.

Right-click on the .zip file and select extract all

Click on extract

Once the file is extracted, open the folder and look for the setup file. Double click and run this file.

Give it permission to run and the driver installation program will run.

Click on Accept.

Click on Ok.

Highlight the printer that you want to install and then click on the install button

Wait for the install process to finish completely.

Uncheck all of the boxes and then check the print test page button

Click Finish.

At this point it should print a windows test page on the copier.

If this happens then the printer has been installed correctly and you can close out the open screens.