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If you think your computers are safe, don't take my word for it - listen to Uncle Sam.

From the US Department of Homeland Security, the #1 recommendation for defense against ransomware attacks on businesses is the implementation of backup and disaster recovery solutions.

You can read more recommendations from the DHS here.

Not just any backup solution can protect you from a modern ransomware attack.  I call on small and medium businesses daily and the vast majority are utilizing antiquated backup software and equipment, inconsistent backup procedures, and to make matters worse - no methodology to verify the backups are even successful or usable in a crisis.  Some backup systems just make the problem worse and help spread the infection.

"IT security can not be a reactionary afterthought moving forward," posited Justin Sleight, IT Systems Integration Analyst for the Idaho Department of Insurance in Looking Forward to Cyber Security in 2017.  He went on to explain that, "private companies, including small and medium business, need to plan an appropriate cyber security plan if one is not in place yet."

The danger is real. No matter how safe you think your business is, your data is far too valuable to be held ransom. How many days or weeks could your business survive if you lost all of your data and your backups?  

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